Apple G4 Tower Conversion

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Well, I officially started the G4 tower conversion.  A few nights ago we (a friend and I) ripped all of the old guts out of the G4 tower, and drilled out the motherboard risers.  I’ll be ordering the new dual-core proc, ram, motherboard, and other accessories after Christmas.

Everything looks like it should be straight-forward. The only exception is the case buttons. The Apple G4 uses a weird circuit board that provides the glowing effect for the on/off button. I have found some information online for handling that, so all should be well.

I want this box to stream my movies, music, and pictures to my Xbox360 so I will probably run Ubuntu with ushare, but I might dual-boot Vista or XP media center on it.

Keep checking back, I’ll post some pictures of the emptied case and the list of components I’ll be using in it.


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