Quick gNewSense DVD HowTo

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From the gNewSense Wiki

arc05 November 2008, 22:37

DVD movies are encrypted with a system called CSS (Content Scrambling System) by Macrovision.

Previously to decrypt them legally you needed to pay royalties to Macrovision.

Then an european hacker crew and especially this guy who will be later called DVD John: http://www.nanocrew.net/ , wrote a software to decrypt DVD called DeCSS and release it as free software.

Since it is free software, using deCSS to watch DVD doesn’t affect your freedom.

Be aware that in some countries like USA, using DeCSS is a crime.

To watch DVD in gNewSense there is a script that will download DeCSS and install it for you:

Run this command:

$ sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh

Reboot and then you will be able to watch DVD with Totem (Gstreamer) but I prefer Totem-xine.


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