improving broadband coverage in the u.s.

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what do we need to do to improve broadband coverage in the u.s.?  i’ve heard many say that europe is leaps and bounds ahead of us on broadband. i believe it – the u.s. is much more rural and spread out than europe – and is faced with other challenges such as political policy.

during a q&a session out at Cisco Live john chambers, ceo of cisco, recommended wireless solutions for serving broadband to unserved areas. with wimax and 4g lte i believe this could be a reality.   here are some interesting articles in relation to LTE.

Spectrum For LTE Advanced: Crucial For Rural Broadband

Do We Need ‘Use it or Lose it’ Spectrum Rules?


U.S. Wireless: 75% Fewer Basestations Than Comparable Europe


 FCC Boss: Spectrum Hoarding ‘Illusory’

what are other options? in more slightly more densely populated areas i believe existing docsis solutions need to upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 and a focus needs to be placed on getting to 100% homes passed.  for xDSL telcos i would recommend moving to a fiber-to-the-curb model with VDSL2 dslams as close to the customers as possible or move to a gpon or active ethernet ftth model also with a focus on getting reachability to more customers previously unserved.  in order for this to happen in reality, i believe the current funding programs to be more focused in their approval process in actually getting broadband to unserved areas and not just giving providers a quick, cheap way to upgrade their existing equipment without expanding their area in rural markets.

in more urban areas I see competition and density driving broadband speeds and service availability up. this also should be driving prices down but i have yet to really see significant price drops on service offerings.


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