Cisco Live 2012 San Diego Day 1

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Well, made it out to Cisco Live in San Diego, CA. Weather is beautiful; sunny and cool. We, me and a couple of coworkers, got to the hotel at 1:30. We enjoyed a few beers and some fish tacos in the hotel restaurant before getting checked-in at 3. Once checked in and settled in we walked to the convention center, because of construction in town the walk was slightly detoured. Take the shuttle or find a different route than Google maps shows.

Once at the convention center I got registered (as a netvet) and picked up the bag.

We explored the Cisco Store and the netvet lounge. In the lounge, I picked up a copy of “Cisco IOS XR Fundamentals”. Should be a good book. If you are a netvet make sure to hit up the lounge for some XBox games, refreshments, quiet work place, and of course the free book.

All in all, conference looks good and the weather in SD is perfect.


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