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Day 2 – Monday – went well. Caught up with a few folks that I haven’t seen in awhile, always a great thing at Cisco Live. Had a pretty full day of sessions:

BRKMPL-2108 – Global MPLS WAN Redesign Case Study
BRKSPG-2209 – Designing access network with the ME3600X and ME3800X
BRKSPG-2111- The NGN Carrier Ethernet system: technologies, architecture, and deployment models

In between sessions I spent some time in the Netvet Lounge and Cisco Store. Very well put together. Only issue I had was the wireless access, very poor performance, dropped signals, etc. Talking with one of the Cisco engineers that was involved in the setup said there was a hardware issue in one of the WLC and some quirky behavior in a Cisco ASA 55x. Tuesday was much better.

I picked up some nice items for the kids, the wife, and myself at the Cisco store. Always some cool stuff.

World of Solutions looks great this year, a lot of activity, a ton of t-shirts and swag if you are willing to sit through demos, sales pitches, and what not to get them. Of course the drinks and food were good. After the World of Solutions we went to a roof top party with the Cisco Telco West team. Got to meet up with some folks I haven’t seen in awhile.


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