Cisco Live San Diego 2012 Day 3

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Tuesday is always my favorite part of the week. I missed the keynote as I was in a couple Meet the Engineer sessions discussing Cisco’s Videoscape architecture and Video over DOCSIS capacity planning. I’m sure the keynote was pretty much the same as last year.

The reason its my favorite part of the week is because of the CCIE Netvet meet and greet with John Chambers and the CCIE party. The CCIE Netvet meet and greet was at the Diamondview Skybox – great classy setting. The CCIE party was on the USS Midway museum, a great icon of U.S. history.

John Chambers was candid and sat down with our group to discuss a few specific items – licensing and entitlement changes were brought up several times, as was quality of products, and the group really liked the thought of educational versions of software and official IOS emulators. All in all, it was great. Cisco really seems to listen, and if at all possible, implement the changes. Otherwise they know they will hear it from us again next year.

The CCIE party this year wasn’t as nearly as crowded as last year. Primarily because it was on an aircraft carrier. With access to actual military veterans to discuss the planes, the carrier, and just about any question you had. With the flight simulators and having nearly every type of plane, including the Top Gun model, it was a nerd’s night.


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