My Top 10 Cisco Live Sessions #CLUS

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As a manager, network architect, CCIE, and sales engineer in the service provider (SP) industry it’s sometimes tricky to find good Cisco Live sessions that give a great value to time ratio. I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite Cisco Live sessions based on attending over the last 8 years.

  1. BRKRST-3114: The Art of Network Architecture (Scott Morris, Russ White) – blending business and technology, oh yeah, and being able to pay for it
  2. BRKARC-2350: IOS Routing Internals – Great reasoning why you do certain things and how it works in hardware
  3. Meet the Engineer (MTE) – always sign-up for one of these; get advice on design, implementation, certification, good books, etc.
  4. BRKARC-3466: Exploring the engineering behind the making of a switch – it’s fun to see how the entire process of creating a switch is conducted
  5. BRKRST-2301: Enterprise IPv6 Deployment (Shannon McFarland) – @eyepv6 runs a good session and you’ll take the knowledge with you for a long time
  6. BRKSPG-2204: Building Carrier Ethernet Services Using Cisco Ethernet Virtual Circuit Framework – if you are an engineer in the SP market, this is a must – EVC/EFPs are a very important design concept
  7. BRKOPT-2106: DWDM 101 – a great session to get acquainted with DWDM as part of a transport network
  8. BRKCCIE-3345: The CCIE Candidate’s Introduction to MPLS L3VPN Networks – Scott Morris, need I say more
  9. BRKDCT-2218: Scalable Midsize Data Center Designs – new for me this year, but a great session for thinking about modular design, Pods, and what products to use.
  10. Sunday techtorials – If you can afford it, do a Sunday all-day session on whatever your certification or training goal is for that year, all of them I’ve done have been well worth it

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