Week in Twitter 7/22/2013 – #PRISM #ACLU #Puppet

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Here are the top twitter posts that I found interesting last week.  Figured I’d share and discuss.

Being Retweeted by PRISM

I made an off-hand comment about my depression while reading PRISM articles and watching the Edward Snowden videos. The PRISM (@NSA_SCC) twitter feed picked it up and retweeted it. I then made a comment about being retweeted by the NSA and received an amusing response.  (NOTE: Not sure if NSA_SCC is an official twitter feed for the NSA – my guess is it isn’t.)

ACLU Labor Dispute

The ACLU being locked in a contract dispute was pretty ironic and I had a great conversation with Ned Resnikoff (@resnikoff) about it. I don’t necessarily side with either the ACLU or the union members in this debate. It seems like the union members have a pretty good plan now and these changes would put them in a plan that is on par with a lot of private sector positions now. However, Ned informed me of the crux of the issue being verbiage regarding when a person can be fired, for being “disloyal”. Seems subjective in that disloyal can be interpreted differently by different managers. Seems like it would become a catch all for letting people go for unknown reasons.

Puppet Network Automation and Cisco OnePK

This last conversation falls more into the week before last but figured I’d include it here. I’m currently looking for good solid ways to automate network service deployment. Customer A calls and wants a DIA Ethernet circuit, point-to-point circuit, or other type of service. Rather than touch a bunch of devices provisioning this it would be nice to create the request in the provisioning GUI and have it deploy the necessary config and validate it on the fly. (Sort of like SDN. Or perhaps exactly like SDN?) Puppet Enterprise from Puppet Labs is a great tool and something I’ve been researching and testing out for network deployments.

I tweeted to Colin McNamara (@colinmcnamara) who originally introduced me to Puppet and he put me in touch with Mark Voelker (@marktvoelker) at Cisco in regards to Cisco OnePK integration with Puppet. OnePK is Cisco’s SDK for talking to routing and switching devices (and other platforms) through an open API and controlling service deployment through restful API mechanisms rather than the standard CLI or SNMP. I will be discussing the details and test scenarios with Mark.

More to follow on my blog regarding Puppet network automation. I’m just now getting some good research and lab implementations put together.


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