Discerning Reality

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I've recently been listening to Seth Godin's Linchpin on Audible.com.  A key attribute that was presented as essential to a Linchpin is the ability to discern reality.  A term that was used was prajna. 


  1. direct insight into the truth taught by the Buddha, as a faculty required to attain enlightenment.

What does this mean?  Well, for me its about being able to discern between an idea or solution that is based in reality / truth and that which is not.  It doesn't mean we don't dream big or drive forward with innovative ideas.  Instead, its quite the opposite.  We need to take those ideas, be realistic about execution, market, and instead of being a fundamentalist zealot – making assumptions and  not listening to the market and others – need to be open and adjust our strategies to reality.  Perhaps the market isn't big enough for that new product, maybe a feature you love isn't really all that important to others, maybe your team has a different idea of getting to success.  Set goals and a vision, but don't get stuck in your ways when it comes to how to achieve them – be open.


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